Kelli Cook’s Tips to Reduce Stress


  1. BODY: Take care of your body
  • Reducing your personal risk-following the recommendations
  • Getting plenty of rest
  • Move-exercise or stretch
  • Drink water and eat as best as you can
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Relaxing smells/scents/essential oils
  • Try to put in healthy foods


  1. MIND: Take care of your mind, emotions & your spirit
  • Be mindful and self-aware: Being mindful of your own reactions: body reactions, emotions, or behaviors. We often try to take external control when what we often need is to learn to take internal control: own that you are stressed! No judging what you are experiencing. Naming the emotion will also reduce it.
  • Journal-worries and then what you are grateful for
  • Breathing Techniques (App: Breathe to Relax)
  • Meditate: APPS Mindfulness daily, Stop Breathe and Think, Calm
  • Read inspirational material
  • Stay connected: reach out to others through FaceTime, texting, calling, Email, create a virtual group/connect and enjoy your family time
  • Take media breaks: have someone report what is needed to you: Create breaks from discussing the BIG C, set boundaries with others about it.
  • Be careful what you share with others: emotions are contiguous
  • Comedy or inspirational shows
  • Find things you enjoy: Use your creativity: crafts, color, paint, sing, play
  • Create new routines: Schedule: bed time, journal time, creative time, declutter time,  cleaning time,  relax and do nothing,  dreams some new dreams or work on  a plan for one you have.
  • Nature washing: go outside or look at images of beautiful scenery, open space will help, play in the dirt
  • Be kind to yourself: About not being productive
  • Checking on and helping others
  • Seek professional help-Tele-Mental health