Covid-19 Edition: Jess Calhoun and Ronda Patterson

In this COVID-19 edition, I speak to two nurses about what it is like being on the frontline of this pandemic. First, we will hear from Jess Calhoun, a school nurse and public health volunteer from Seattle. Jess tells us about what it has been like in Seattle, as they are about two weeks ahead of the rest of the country in their COVID-19 response. After Jess, we will hear from Ronda Patterson, a nurse at Dallas Children’s in Dallas, Texas. Ronda tells us how COVID-19 compares to other impactful events she has witnessed throughout her career and how she stays positive during this stressful time.


*Please note, due to the fast-evolving research coming out daily on Covid-19, some statics and data may have changed since the previously recorded date of this podcast.